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We specialize in managing pay per click promotions,and traditional search engine optimization.

If you are serious about web marketing and branding of your online business, there is no way you can ignore Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search pay per click programs. Traditional search engine optimization is erratic and cannot be turned into the only source of visitors to your commercial web site.Without a steady flow of targeted visitors you are not using your investment on your web site,at least part of the time.In fact in order to achieve the full sales potential of your site,you cannot afford to ignore any source of traffic,and the Optimal strategy is to combine traditional SEO(search engine optimization) with a pay per click web-wise campaign(based on Google Adwords,and Yahoo sponsored search PPC programs).
To set up a professional campaign with those two important pay per click companies,is to ensure that you will be seen by almost anyone searching the net for the services and goods you sell,by being featured in the top listings of Yahoo, Google, Altavista, Aol Search, Lycos, Hotbot, Excite, Webcrawler, MSN Search,CNN Search, Metacrawler, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, and many more search engines.

We have been in the web-marketing arena since 1996,and helped several hundreds of web sites,large and small, to establish a profitable web presence and brand, while optimizing ROI(Return on investment).


If we cannot place your site in the top three pages of at least three leading search engines within the first ten working days,you get immediately 100% of your money back!

Our Services.

Setup of a pay per click Google-Yahoo Sponsored Search Campaign,and Traditional Search Engine Optimization.

This is our comprehensive search engine promotional service ,starting at $33 a week including both Google Adwords and Yahoo sponsored search PPC campaigns and traditional Search Engine Optimization and Inclusion...

Campaign maintenance.

If you want us to maintain your web-wise promotional campaigns after the first three months of free maintenance included in the setup,starting at under $25 a week...

Preliminary analysis of your web site as a selling tool.

All the professional brain work upon which a do it yourself solution can be built,starting at $149 ...

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